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Religious leaders add their voice to the coal debate

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09 July 2018
A coalition of all major faith communities in Kenya under the umbrella of the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK) have sought to add their voice to the raging debate on the Lamu Coal Fired Power plant that has been dogged in controversies. IRCK has appointed a five-member committee to meet with the officials from the Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Environment and Forest. Additionally, the committee will meet local community to establish whether they understand the social, ecological and economic impacts of the proposed coal-fired power plant and their opinion as to whether the plant should be constructed as proposed.

The decision by the IRCK was arrived at after they invited its constituents and experts for a two day meeting organized by WWF-Kenya and facilitated by Natural Justice, with the aim of understanding the potential impacts of the coal-fired power plant on communities, environment and the economy. IRCK has an interest in championing for environment and social rights. The rich religious knowledge they have concerning the need for environmental protection need to be reinforced with experts’ knowledge to enable them effectively advocate and hold those in positions of authority accountable.

Based on the information they collect, the religious leaders will come up with a common position anchored on religious teaching and best practice aimed at advocating for sustainable and cleaner power generation alternatives in the country. They intend to engage with the policy makers at different levels to safeguard the local people and environment.


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