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Natural Resource Governance

You are nature's voice

© WWF-Kenya

Nature is our home and has been silently sustaining and powering our societies and economies.Let's not take nature and its services for granted.


The substantial abundance of natural resources in Kenya can be the vehicle for transformative development and can make important contribution towards boosting the economy and achieving greater social equality. Governance is a necessary foundation for a just world that values and conserves nature and contributes to the achievement of global sustainable development goals for current and future generations. A lack of accountability and transparency in managing the natural resources, a lack of accountability for public investments, as well as ineffective policies and regulations promote unsustainability, poverty and conflict in place of prosperity and sustainable development. This is our generations’ greatest challenge and opportunity to make a difference. Natural resource governance – addresses this development challenge.

© WWF-Kenya

We work with and through partners; to champion a developmental approach anchored in policies and legislations which prioritizes the interests of citizens & their rights, promotes good governance in the natural resource sector and promotes sustainable investments.

We work with; Governments at various levels to influence Natural Resource Management policies and legislations and their implementation, Civil societies to promote a proactive role for local civil society organizations to advocate for transparency in natural resource governance; Private Sector to promote linkages between natural resources governance and green development all for the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);


Nature has no voice, but its wrath is severe.