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Community Based Natural Resource Management

Communities are the pillars of conservation

Community ownership of natural resources is Kenya's sustainable development beadrock


Kenya is endowed with vast and diverse natural resources including biodiversity, land and unique ecosystems as well as recently confirmed deposits of oil and gas and other extractives. These resources can have transformative effects on the economy through generation of revenue, capital inflows as well as provision ecosystem services that are of vital importance to the various sectors of the Kenyan economy and people. However, these benefits are not to be realised by default, as can be attested by the experiences of other resource rich countries. This therefore calls for fundamental shifts in how our country sustainably governs and manages its natural resources in order to position natural resources as true engines of Kenya’s sustainable development.


Together we are ensuring: Participation by local people in management decisions Equity in benefit sharing and participation Communities have rghts and authority to manage, access, use and benefit from natural resources Communities receive incentives and benefits to sustainably manage resources Benefits and incentives for conservation outweigh costs by encouraging sustainable use of natural resources and mitigating human wildlife conflict. Initiatives are supported and determined democratically by the majority of the community


Be a Nature Custodian. Help us ensure communities sustainably benefit from natural resources.