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COP28: Call for Action on Food Systems Transformation by Kenya Agriculture Stakeholders

Each United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP) provides an opportunity for global cooperation while ensuring increased ambition towards implementation of climate actions across key affected sectors. 


For the agriculture and food sector, COP 27 in Sharm-el Sheikh was a defining moment as the landmark decision 3/CP.27 was reached: "Sharm el- Sheikh Joint Work on Implementation of Climate Action on Agriculture and Food Security" (SSJWA).


The decision provided a framework for a holistic implementation of issues related to agriculture and food systems. During COP 27, other decisions impacting agriculture that were agreed on included the decision on Loss and Damage, which establishes a fund to assist developing countries devastated by the increasing impacts of climate change, among others.


For COP 28, an official agenda tagged the “4 Fs” has been spelt out by the COP presidency. The Four Fs entail Fast-tracking the transition to a low-CO2 world; Fixing climate finance; Focusing on people, lives and livelihoods; and Full inclusivity. The Presidency's declaration on having an Africa Day and a food day that will focus on food systems is a signal of why the COP and global leaders need to increasingly give attention towards transforming Africa’s agriculture and food systems to feed the growing African population.


This is the first COP to contain a trade agenda, indicating a growing acknowledgement of the role of commerce in responding to the climate challenge. Furthermore, COP 28 will be the culmination of the first Global Stocktake, when parties will assess progress toward reaching the Paris Agreement. 


It is based on the above COP 27 decisions and COP 28 agenda that Kenyan Agriculture Stakeholders, through the convening of the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Multi-stakeholder Platform (KCSA MSP) have developed this Expectation Paper to advocate for enhanced ambition towards implementation of climate actions in Agriculture.


The platform has identified the six (6) Areas of Action and Calls upon the Kenya government and other stakeholders in COP 28 to elevate discussions on the topic of implementation of climate actions in agriculture and food systems. 

Expectations Paper
Kenya Agriculture and Food Sector Actors COP28 Expectations Paper