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Panda Trek

Do you want to combine your love for hiking and conservation? Hikers in Kenya are coming together, a step at a time, a hike at a time, this time not to conquer their limits on how high they can go but on how much they can do for the environment , to save Our One Shared Home - nature which is on the verge of collapse. #TupandePamoja

© WWF-Kenya / Sakwa Masai

We are hikers. We have a backpack full of innovative ideas and solutions. We will not stop until we get to the peak where we will bend the curve & restore nature for the well-being of humanity and economic stability.


Leave your footprint of change here. Every step you take is a step closer to peak friendship with nature. Take a bold step. Choose the right trail.  

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Here is why you should Join the Tupande Pamoja Community

There is a delicate balance between what we take from nature and what we give back. When we give back, the thank you from mother nature is resounding. When we take away and take some more without replenishing, mother nature’s wrath is unforgiving.

Panda Trek gives YOU an opportunity to give back to nature. Every step you take brings you so close to nature’s reality and serenity. You can touch it. Feel it. Smell it. It gives you a front-row seat to interact, embrace and listen to the story of its resilience, its fight for survival and despite all the power to bring us together to nurture our hobbies and grow our economy

In Swahili we call it #TupandePamoja spirit, multiple meaning words, encouraging all of us to hike together while planting trees together.

© WWF-Kenya / Sakwa Masai
About Panda Trek

Panda Trek is a WWF-Kenya initiative whose aim is to take hiking to the next level. Experience nature and conservation in action with curated guided tours in Key WWF-Kenya landscapes. We are using hikes to raise awareness on conservation, restoration and advocate for collective action towards preserving and protecting our home - nature, a place where we love to hike. This is an opportunity to stay healthy while keeping the environment healthy too. At Panda Trek, we conquer the challenges that face nature a step at a time. Be our ultimate champion. Hike for nature and people- Tupande Pamoja.
Why is this urgent? We need to stop the threats: From zoonotic diseases like Covid-19 and Monkeypox which are threatening our very existence to shrinking harvests due to unsustainable food production and consumption practices, drying rivers and lakes leading to water scarcity, disappearing forests, wildlife and more. These threaten our lives, property and businesses. Panda Trek will offer you an opportunity to become a champion of nature while simultaneously striking a balance between what you love and doing something great for nature and humanity.

The Panda Trek series will comprise a chain of hikes across three priority landscapes that WWF-Kenya works in, that is, the Kenya Rift Lakes region, Coastal Kenya Landscape and Seascape and Southern Kenya landscape in the transboundary programme that extends to Tanzania (UNGANISHA). Panda Trek is a special opportunity to give back to nature, Our One Shared Home that sustains us all. By joining this growing band of nature enthusiasts, who care and take nature-positive actions, you’re responding to the cry of mother nature.

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