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Don’t be ‘Bamboo-zled’ Act now #KeepKenyaBreathing

WWF-Kenya’s decentralized innovation accelerator supporting commercial-based solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals, PandaLabs; has been supporting Mianzi Makaa Project that is part of a Bamboo Value Chain Centre in Vihiga County. The mission of the project is to grow and establish bamboo nurseries, bamboo plantations and rehabilitate degraded wetlands to fully functional ecosystems using bamboo. The group also conducts training to individual Community Based Organizations (CBOs) on bamboo care, bamboo management, harvesting and associated technologies. The sale of high quality bamboo seedlings and by products  to individuals, investment groups, NGOs, CBOs, Government ministries and departments, and County governments ensures sustainability of the project.


Mianzi Makaa on Value addition


By encouraging Bamboo farming, the group hopes to encourage alternative fuel from Bamboo. It has been established that Bamboo is a valuable and sustainable resource compared to the now famous tree species, the eucalyptus.  This is exemplified by the fact that each bamboo clump upon maturity can sustainably provide up to 150 Kilograms of biomass per household without clear felling of the plants. Each bamboo clump produces ten 35 feet long and three inches diameter culms which when carbonized produces enough bamboo charcoal briquette to run an average household for a month. 12 bamboo clumps are therefore adequate to provide domestic fuel for a household annually. Currently, there exists bamboo clumps on farm lands that are not put to any tangible use. This is the entry point for Mianzi Makaa.


Mianzi Makaa is one of the four prototypes that were chosen by WWF-Kenya’s Panda Labs committee to take part in an acceleration program and offered technical support and seed funding to improve their concepts and take them to the next level. Among the criteria used was for the prototypes to align with WWF’s strategic goals working in the area of Fresh Water, Forests, Marine, Energy, Wildlife, Finance and Climate change.


At WWF-Kenya, we accelerate environmental solutions through bold collaborations and channel funds for environmental innovation.  We do this by building the ‘innovation for impact’ ecosystem and leveraging the power of the WWF network