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From Waste to Value
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Tapping the market for recycled plastic in Kenya

An innovative partnership between WWF and three pioneering private sector plastics recycle agents – Plastix, Jil industries and Mr. Green Africa Limited & PETCO Kenya has been established to combat the challenges of plastic pollution and generate economic growth.

The partnership aims to transform plastic waste otherwise discarded in the natural environment into a valuable commodity and promote a circular plastic economy. The project will work towards establishing an international plastic recycling value chain building on sustainable practices by connecting collectors, sorters and processors to high-end and innovative plastic recycling expertise and technology.
The partnership agents have been put together to complement each other with different knowledge, networks and skills to the project. As the project develops and expands, the goal is to include more
partners along the value chain.

The partnership strives to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by improving livelihoods for women, men and especially youth, by formalizing, improving logistics and skills around the business case
on collecting, sorting and processing plastic waste in Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi and Lamu counties along the coast of Kenya. The market development partnership also seeks to entrench a culture of responsible
business conduct and sustainable practices, supported by the local community and authorities among entrepreneurs. To achieve this the project is structured around four key outcomes over the next 5 years:
  1. Creating decent jobs and improving income opportunities for women, men and especially youth, by improving the business case on collecting, sorting and processing plastic as well as improving the business case for social enterprises related to products made of by-products from the sorting process.
  2. Increasing the volumes of plastic collected, sorted and processed by strengthening the capacity of plastic recycling companies to sort and process more tonnes of plastic to high quality granulate.
  3. Creating and showcasing a viable business case for plastic recycling in Kenya resulting in replication and scalability and increased investments by the commercial project partners and additional funding for the waste to value project.
The vision of the project in a 10-15 years outlook is to prove and expand an inclusive business model for recycled plastic waste in Coastal Kenya.