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Conservation Heroes Day marked

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17 December 2018

Conservation heroes day was celebrated in Kenya at the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) headquarters  on the 16th of December 2018, to honour fallen rangers and celebrate the indomitable men and women who are the pillar upon which Kenya’s people and wildlife  depend. The call for improved living standards and implementation of the Zero poaching strategy dominated conversations during the event.

Dr. Yussuf Wato - Species Manager, WWF-Kenya explains our work with rangers in Kenya to Margaret Kenyatta - First Lady Kenya and Najib Balala - Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary.

“The war on poaching will not be won if the countries that drive the demand for these products do not shut the markets. I call upon the international community to prevail upon the countries driving trophy demand globally to shut them down” Margaret Kenyatta - First Lady, Kenya

Dr. Yussuf Wato - Species Manager, WWF-Kenya explains the six pillars of the zero poaching strategy in combating wildlife crime to Dr. John waithaka – KWS board chair.

“Heroes Day is a bitter-sweet moment. Although it is a sad moment to remember our fallen heroes, it is also time to celebrate the selfless men and women who chose the noble path of sacrificing their own lives to protect people and the voiceless wildlife that we now enjoy as our heritage and treasure. We owe it to our gallant rangers.” Dr.  Yussuf Wato - Program Species Manager, WWF-Kenya


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