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Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment for the Greater Mara Ecosystem

Final Report 2019

This study forms part of the WWF Africa Adaptation Initiative (AAI), which encourages mainstreaming of climate change adaptation within WWF offices in the WWF Regional Office for Africa. The overall goal of the AAI is safeguarding high-value conservation areas and livelihoods in Africa through the integration of climate change adaptation into WWF’s conservation work and the implementation of climate smart activities. The Initiative is focused on capacity building of WWF staff in Africa, piloting adaptation planning as well as supporting implementation. The AAI has entered Phase II of implementation and is being supported by NORAD through WWF Norway and this project forms part of Phase II. As part of the AAI participating country, WWF Kenya has received funding to support climate change adaptation work in the Greater Mara Ecosystem (GME).

This study is intended to support the development of an adaptation strategy for the GME that can be implemented by the WWF Kenya office and partners in the near future and which will limit the potential for maladaptation by considering adaptation solutions that address current pressures as well as future vulnerabilities as a result of climate change. To better understand the current pressures facing the GME, a field trip was undertaken in October 2018 whereby key GME stakeholders were interviewed.
Mara report cover page
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Mara report cover page