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Our History
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WWF has worked in Kenya for over 60 years striving to improve the lives of the communities and wildlife that call Kenya home.

The Beginning

World Wide Fund for Nature Kenya (WWF-Kenya) is a locally registered non-governmental conservation organization; an affiliate of World Wide Fund for Nature International (WWF).

WWF has been working in Kenya since 1962 alongside the government, civil society, private sector organisations and local communities to contribute towards providing an enabling environment for the achievement of sustainable natural resource management.

Kenya’s natural resources are diminishing fast, while the human footprint is increasing. The root causes include, but are not limited to: large scale infrastructure development, rampant illegal wildlife trade, expanding agriculture, investments in extractive industries and climate change.

Our work has expanded to include the following focus areas:

Integrated fresh water resource management

Management of marine resources

Conservation and restoration of disappearing forests

Supporting equitable sharing of natural resources

Tackling of climate change and promotion of clean energy initiative by encouraging use of renewable energy

Redirecting financial flows to support conservation and sustainable ecosystem management

Governance through Influencing environmental policies at county and national levels, by engaging jointly to develop effective public policy

Wildlife Conservation - protecting Kenya’s most ecologically important places and wildlife species



To stop degradation of our planet's natural environment, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature

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