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Forests are the lungs of our Earth

Keep Kenya Breathing


Keep Kenya Breathing is a national campaign that provides an open platform and invitation to all stakeholders; government, the Kenyan public, corporates and peer organizations to take positive action in restoring Kenya’s 10% forest cover.

Keep Kenya Breathing campaign is a rallying call to build awareness among all Kenyans and get them involved in planting and growing trees. In order to bring back our green, WWF-Kenya encourages each Kenyan to plant at least 25 trees. This will add up to the goal of 1 billion trees that will contribute towards realization of the vision 2030 target of 10% forest cover.

Join the Movement
To bring back our green each Kenyan needs to plant and ensure the growth of 25 trees.
To plant and grow a tree costs Ksh. 700 up to maturity.