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Nature Calls

Nature calls is a Green Affinity awareness initiative by Chandaria Industries and WWF-Kenya. The main objective is to help restore and conserve Kenya’s disappearing forests through the Keep Kenya Breathing Campaign , while advocating for recycling, and the innovation of viable alternatives that reduce environmental footprints. 

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A percentage of proceeds from the sale of two tissue paper brands by Chandaria Industries - a tissue and hygiene products manufacturer, will support the #KeepKenyaBreathing Campaign. The tissue papers: Rosy - is 100% recycled end to end while Velvex is made from 100% virgin pulp imported from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified suppliers. The wrappers are made of recyclable plastic material, approved by Kenya’s National Environment Management Authority – NEMA. We advocate for recycled plastics over new plastics, and recycled paper fibres as well as sourcing virgin fibre from credibly certified forests.


The growing demand for paper is adding pressure on the Earth’s last remaining natural forests, aquatic ecosystems and endangered wildlife while the root cause of plastics leaking into nature in Kenya is failure  across the entire plastic life cycle, including production, consumption, waste management, and secondary markets for recycled material. All actors need to collaborate in order to collectively achieve the intended goal. 


Prevent  or Reduce

We aim for 100% reduction of non recyclable single-use plastics, either by eliminating them from the  supply chain or switching to recycled or sustainable alternative materials.

We support circular economy system solutions that aim at 100% reusable or recyclable product and packaging design models.


We encourage 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

Collect and Recover
To  remove plastics from nature we encourage the collection and recycling of  all plastics sold or used and further support Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes and conservation projects for better waste management, collection of plastics from nature and circular economy solutions. 

If we all  advocate at relevant forums for governmental action to curb plastic pollution and urge  political leaders to share our vision of No Plastics In Nature we will  make a big difference. 


We advocate for responsible sourcing and buying of paper.  Maximizing the use of recycled fibres and sourcing virgin fibre and plantations from credibly certified forests in order to reduce paper’s ecological footprint. 


Companies are uniquely positioned to help drive large-scale transformative change, by supporting conservation initiatives and further improving their own plastic pollution footprint as well as influencing other key stakeholders like governments and consumers to do the same. At WWF-Kenya, we seek to redesign how businesses source, use and dispose of plastics. 


We facilitate and influence the formulation of environmental sector policies in Kenya. We believe businesses can play a  big role to stop plastic pollution  under the Extended Producer Responsibility by supporting the establishment of collection, sorting and recycling systems. 

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