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Show Love for Nature

Nature has been silently and ‘passionately’ sustaining and powering our societies and economies for centuries, and continues to do so today. In return, the world has continued to take nature and its services for granted, failing to act against the accelerating loss of our ecosystems.

It's never too late to act. You can be part of the generation that secured all forms of life on earth. It’s valentine's day. It’s time we give back to nature. Show some love, be nature’s kind. This 14th of February say thank you and give back to mother earth, because it has no voice but its wrath is severe. Be nature’s voice. Here are 14 reasons and ways to show some love:

  1. When nature loves, it does so with no limits or boundaries, it never questions why? It’s always giving, because nature is not something we are apart from or deserve, It’s a home we must conserve. Reason why you should embrace nature everyday.
  2. For love to thrive, there is need to live in harmony. We need to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.
  3. Nature is in urgent need of some good, good love this #ValentinesDay and everyday.
  4. You can change, be part of, celebrate or be the nature’s love story.
  5. We all have a relationship with water. The very fabric of life. You can change our water story to a love story .
  6. The oceans and vast terrestrial waters love may seem endless, inexhaustible and indestructible but the truth is they are in serious trouble.
  7. Forests are the lungs of our Earth. Without forests there will be no life on earth.
  8. Wildlife protection is not just about our love for nature - Our lives, health and livelihoods depend on them.
  9. Sustainable energy holds the key to resolving the two major challenges of our time. Poverty and climate change. Shine a light on climate action and power the shift to renewables.
  10. Nature has no voice, but its wrath is severe.Be nature's voice this #ValentinesDay. Let's not take nature’s love and its services for granted.
  11. We need say no more degradation and embrace the very fabric of life.
  12. Nature likes it green. In our relationship with nature let’s Commit to a green growth agenda for a sustainable future.
  13. Create no room for plastic in this relationship with nature. 
  14. Commit to#KeepKenyaBreathing. Plant and grow trees, rehabilitate natural vegetation for improved water resource management.
                                                                                       Be a Change Maker

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