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Sustainable Investments

Commit to a green growth agenda for a sustainable future

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If we invest sustainably, we invest in a better future for people and nature in Kenya


Africa, is undergoing a period of rapid economic, social and environmental change, bringing both challenges and opportunities for sustainable development. Its economies are growing fast. Population is increasing and is rapidly becoming urbanised. The continent is becoming an attractive destination for investment. There are Giant infrastructure projects situated in strategic resource development corridors. These changes will potentially put pressure on natural capital and crucial ecosystems such as forests, rangelands, marine areas and freshwater systems.

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We aim to influence policy and regulation, financial markets, trade and investment decisions such that crucial ecosystem services and socio-economic benefits are enhanced and are accruing for communities.

Africa Sustainable Investment and Infrastructure Programme is implemented in Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar and China. We currently focus on three key drivers: Governance, Finance and markets besides six conservation goals: Wildlife, Forests, Oceans, Fresh water and Climate and energy, which are key in the implementation of sustainable investments programs. WWF-Kenya is a dynamic and innovative organisation addressing the ever-escalating environmental concerns amid important opportunities for national development through:
Development and implimentation of the Green economy strategy in Kenya. Development of the draft environmental management and co-ordination act, cap 387 - the environmental strategic assessment, integrated impact assessment and audit regulations, 2018. Support of the Green bonds programme Kenya including the launch of the Green Finance Demand Study. Assessment of the implications of the Belt Road Initiative – a Chinese initiative meant to open up china to the world and the world to china via infrastructure development.


Call on governments to create an enabling environment for sustainable investment by putting in place policies and systems to integrate both environmental and social safeguards into investment decisions.

Call on private and public financial institutions and investors to embrace and implement green financial solutions and mechanisms which incorporate environmental, social risks and opportunities into investment decisions.

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